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Come join us! 

 Montana Mohair Producers, Inc.,
frequently referred to as MMPI,  is a nonprofit organization formed for the purpose of supporting the producers of natural fiber grown by Angora goats.

Membership is not restricted to persons who raise these animals, nor is it restricted to your place of residence.

Our membership covers much of the Western United States from Texas to Montana. You need only to have an interest in supporting the industry.

Membership is on an annual basis, and dues are payable the first of January of each year.  The membership fee is $15.00 per year. 
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A Little of our History

The Montana Mohair Producers organization was basically a spinoff from a small newsletter that was produced by two ladies in the Missoula area. It was called the Dark Cedar Letter. Dee Ball and Diane Olsen gathered assorted information concerning fiber producing animals. Subscribers to the newsletter also contributed. It was a great help to many of us. As the number of Angora goat breeders increased in Montana it became apparent that we needed an organization to help with the gathering and shipping of the annual mohair clip. We also needed to have means of exchanging related information between breeders. Dee Ball spearheaded the formation of the organization.

Originally the organization was intended to be restricted to Montana residents only. It was soon realized that membership should be open to any persons who wanted to participate.